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.xls Corruption after installing license file


I recently received my .lic file for ASPOSE.cells and dutifully installed it as an embedded resource per the following article:


The good news is: no more evaluation warnings.

The bad news is: even if I just open a file and then save it, it is then corrupted. The .xls file was originally 1970 KB. After the save it's 1968 and won't open properly. Excel tells me it's "Unable to read file".

Any ideas...?

Thanks in advance.

Could you please zip and post your file here or send it to nanjing@aspose.com? I will check it ASAP.

By the way, are you using the latest v4.1?

On the system I'm testing on, I downloaded the latest version a few days ago. The .dll version is

I'll need to check with the customer about sending the .xls file - it contains potentially sensitive data. Is there no other precedent to this and/or something else I could try?

1. If you don't call the license code, will it work fine when you use Aspose.Cells to open and save it?

2. What happens if you use MS Excel to open and save it first?

I disabled the call to SetLicense but still have the same results.

I don't understand your second question entirely. I'm trying to open the file in Excel - Excel is the one that doesn't like it.

The process takes an existing .xls file (which can be opened in Excel), copies it. I then open it using ASPOSE.Cells. Normally I make some modifications to it (disabled here for test purposes) and then save the file. If I open the file with ASPOSE.Cells and then save it, making no other changes, it is then corrupt when I try to open it using Excel.

I've tested on other machines in the past with the evaluation version and had no such problem.

Interesting (?) note: On the other machines, the dll version is 4.0.1 and not 4.1.0. This is the first time I've used 4.1.0

Still waiting on an answer re: .xls file.

I asked the second question because I want to know if you file is created in MS Excel manually or it's created with other 3rd party products.

Since it works fine in v4.0.1, I think this problem may be caused by:

1. Pivot table/chart. In v4.1, we provided pivot table APIs. Maybe this introduce this bug. Does your file contain pivot table/chart?

2. Drawing objects. Does your file contains chart, image, comments, textboxes or other drawing objects?

You can replace your sensitive data with dummy data and see if the problem still occurs. If yes, please post this file without sensitive data here. Thank you very much.

I have e-mailed an original and saved file copy.

Please try this attached version. I have found and fixed this problem.

Thanks for the help. Seems to work fine!

Sorry... spoke too soon.

Opening and saving seems to work.

Opening, changing something (e.g.: Unprotect workbook, reprotect workbook) and then saving leads to the same corruption.

I have e-mailed the relevant details.

I emailed a new version to you. And I attach it here. Please try it.