Xls | doc -> pdf


Hi forever,

Thank you for great components and its API.

We are using aspose component to convert documents to pdf. The way we are doing it is in source below. We are converting small and large documents, but with large xls (e.g. 3000lines, 50cols) we experience performance problems (it takes minutes). Is there any other way to convert doc/xls to pdf in higher performance?

Thank you in advance.



public void ConvertExcelDocument( Stream inStream, Stream outStream )


MemoryStream asposePdfMemBuffer = new MemoryStream();

Workbook xls = new Workbook();

xls.Open( inStream );

xls.Save(asposePdfMemBuffer, FileFormatType.AsposePdf);

Pdf pdf1 = new Pdf();

pdf1.BindXML(asposePdfMemBuffer, null);

pdf1.Save( outStream );




Dear i5riza,

Please try the latest version to see if you can get an significant improvement on performance.

If you still get the same result. Please provide the documents that can reproduce the same issue at kevin.zuo@aspose.com . We will try out best if we can find a good way to improve the performance of this issue.

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We have reproduced this problem but we may need much time to optimize the performance for large table. I hope it can work better next month.