XML to PDF different with stream and disk file?


Because I was having a problem accessing the ASPNET windows temp folder, I changed my code to write my word document from stream to a file on disk. However, when I did this, all my documents stopped rendering correctly.

-Is the resulting xml of the streamed xml and the file xml different?
-Is the rendering of the PDF dependent on the operating system or on some program on the server/machine?
-Why would moving it from machine to machine change the resulting PDF, if the word document did not change?
-And on my testing server, the IsImagesInXmlDeleteNeeded doesn't work.


Dear parsonsje:
Thanks for considering Aspose.Pdf

Would u please post your code here? I’ll look it over.


Dear parsonsje,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

The resulting xml may has some different in the path of the images inside the document. But this should not causes error. Please try to build a console application and test if it can work. Please provide your error message, code and Word document if you still can’t solve this problem.