Xml to project sample code



I have a ASP.NET application written in C#. I want some sample code that demonstrates th efollowing

1. Given an XML String , How to generate a Project File Using ASPOSE DLL
2. what should be the format of of the XML File (is it general Project XML??)

Thanks in Advance



Dear Sanjeev,

1. Please check MpxCreate demo (C# and VB.Net). You can save generated project in Mpx or Xml format.
2. Yes, it’s a Project XML. It’s compatible with MS Project 2003 XML Data Interchange Schema.



I went thru the demo. There I will have to physically call the Apsose.DLL Methods for everything.

Is there a way by which , I can create an XML String confirming to Project XML schema and Straight away pass the XML string to ASPOSE.DLL’s method, to create a Mpx File.

Can U give me an example code where a small XML string is converted to a Project File Using ASPOSE Dll.

Thanks in Advance