xmlSpy Root element PDF not valid


I am trying to use xmlSpy2004 (current Enterprise ver.) to write .xsl but I get an error (that I work around).

<-- this is the error line
"Root element 'Pdf’does not match Schema declaration. File (the .xsl) not valid.

Could anyone tell me how to fix this?

Is there ANY WAY to automate the creation of the .xsl? At least ‘macro’ the creation of the many tables, etc.?

I have tried to get intellisense on the .xsd and it recognizes the Aspose element, but can I get more info, like properties, etc?

TIA, Earl


Dear ejones,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I am not very familiar with xmlSpy. I have tried it and got the same error. But you can get better intellisense on the .xsd in Visual Studio.NET. You can open the XML schema (Aspose.Pdf.xsd) in your IDE before open the xml file, set the namespace to Aspose.Pdf (<Pdf xmlns=“Aspose.Pdf” …>) in xml file and then you can get intellisense for both element and attribute.


Thanks, I looked around and found this that others may benefit from:

XSLT Transformations and XSLT Intellesense within the .NET IDE

I have not tried this yet, but will today.