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Your API reference documentation needs lots of work

It sure would be nice if you hired a technical writer that would fill in the details for each and every method, property and enumeration in this Aspose.Slides product. I have been struggling for 2 years using this library and spend way too much time because nothing is documented except the obvious. Examples of why and how you use a property and in what order things should be set would be great! For example, I want to add a text frame onto a slide and have it positioned exactly at the coordinates that I specified, but Noooo! You must set the margins, and AnchorText, and several other things to get it to be at the specified coordinates. No where is this documented!!! This is just one example. There are too many properties, methods, enumerations to have to guess as to why you need to set them and when.

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Thanks for sharing your feeback. Abolsutely it is serious to provide such a "naked" API Reference with no info provided. I'm working with the team to go over and fix the API Reference thoroughly and then keep you posted.


Thank you for you comments.
I should tell we always work on improving documentation and you are not right in this case.
All methods and properties are documented. Examples show most of standard use cases.

In your particular case, absolute text positioning is not a standard task for PowerPoint presentations.
You can position frames easily but not text by itself. Try to do it in PowerPoint and you will have
the same problems. You will have to set a lot of properties like margins, vertical and horizontal alignment
and many other. So that is ok. For such non-standard tasks you can always use our support forum,
ask questions and get quick answer with examples. After such questions appear in the forum we usually
move examples to api reference or programmer’s guide.

Dear leonford,

Thanks for your comments.

If you see different posts in the forums, you will see lot of code examples in C#, VB.NET and JAVA. Most of them are specific to the users' requirements while others are general. We will soon compile the general ones into a single document for your benefit.