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Zero byte[] Pdf

We are having an issue using the Renderer within the Apose.Pdf.ReportingServices.dll (ver. for rendering a LocalReport object. The LocalReport seems to process, however when the byte[] is returned it is empty. I am using the 2005 version of Reporting Services.

We are able to successfully use the DocRenderer within the Apose.Words.ReportingServices.dll (ver, all other renderers in this assembly also work.

We are currently using the default PDF renderer within Reporting Services to render to PDF, however the render time on some of our reports takes a significant amount of time. We are hoping to use your Pdf Renderer to possibly speed up the report generation process. Your Words renderers are significantly faster than the built in PDF renderer.

I have attached the test class that we are using to add the extensions (based on your example) and to return back a MemoryStream. Any help/direction you can provide is much appreciated.

Thank you.


Here are a couple sample calls to the test class:

MemoryStream wordStream = AsposeReport.GetAsposeReportMemoryStream(localReport, AsposeReportOutputType.Word);

MemoryStream pdfStream = AsposeReport.GetAsposeReportMemoryStream(localReport, AsposeReportOutputType.AsposePDF);

Would you like describe the background of your application,or where the code you attached is used?
According to the code example, I have a question.

localReport.Render(reportType.ToString(), deviceInfo, out mimeType…)

the code means that it uses the Render method of the class Aspose.Pdf.ReportingService.Render, but the method returns a value with boolean type.

Are you using local mode of Reporting Service like Report Viewer?

Thank you for your reply.

The application we would like to try your Pdf Renderer in is a reporting application. We do not expose the Report Viewer to the web, rather we allow the user to select a report type and then then the application renders the appropriate selected type by using the .Render(...) method from the Microsoft.ReportViewer.WebForms.LocalReport object. The LocalReport object is what is tying together our datasets with our rdlc files.

Our current deployment is using the built-in PDF and Excel extensions. One of our reports takes nearly 30 mintues to render (almost 300 pages) using the built-in PDF renderer of the Reporting Services.

We first came across your products by searching how to render to a Word (or RTF) format for our reports. We then were able to use our same code base (by adding the Aspose extensions) and calling the same byte[] Render(string format, ...) method of LocalReport. Using your Words Renderer the render time of this same report was less than 1 mintue. We were under the assumption that we could plug-in the Aspose PDF Renderer the same way as we did for the Words Renderer.

I do see now that the DocRenderer class has very different methods than the Renderer class (in Apose.Pdf.ReportingServices). Will we be able to use the Aspose.Pdf.ReportingServices in the same fashion that we are able to use the Aspose.Words.ReportingServices to generate a byte[]? If we can't use the Pdf Renderer in the same fashion, how would we go about using the LocalReport object and the Aspose Pdf Renderer to generate a byte[] (or a MemoryStream)?

Our users really like the Pdf format, however as you can see the built-in PDF renderer can be quite slow for some of our reports.

Thank you for your help and time.


Hello Jeremy,

The issues you have found earlier (filed as PDFREP-9702) have been fixed in this update.

Please try using it and in case you still face any problem, please feel free to contact.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as ) have been fixed in this update. This message was posted using BugNotificationTool from Downloads module by MuzammilKhan