ASP.NET Outlook Calendar Viewer


How about a control that can display a calendar in ASP.NET. It would take a path to a Calendar in Exchange and then display it in a web page. You’d be able to choose dates or months and see the events in them. You’d also be able to down load a .vcs file to store events into your personal Calendar.


Thanks for the idea.

Aspose is considering building a component that can read Outlook files and possibly connect to Exchange server, but we have no definite plan to create visual components yet.

It could be a big undertaking for Aspose to create viewing and printing components, both for WinForms and for ASP.NET.

All Aspose components at the moment are not directly visual although they help prepare and massage data that is in the end visible to the user.

If you are interested in a sharing calendaring application, please take a look at


Please check Introductions - Welcome feature requests.

Like Aspose.Word and Aspose.Excel, we decide to get started with hacking Microsoft Outlook file formats. I believe you can implement Outlook Calendar Viewer by yourself based on our hacking results.

Our basic strategy is, we begin with low-level, non-UI part, then come to the high-level, UI part. For example, later we may provide Outlook Calendar Viewer you’re mentioning, or probably even more advanced thing like Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2003.