Aspose.3D & Aspode.CAD interoperability


We already have a licence for Aspose.3D, and we’re considering purchasing a licence for Aspose.CAD depending on if requirements can be met.

One requirement is to convert between IFC and glTF. Aspose.CAD can input IFC, but only Aspose.3D can output glTF. Is is possible to use the two libraries together to achieve this?

I’m aware we can export to fbx/obj from Aspose.CAD and import via Aspose.3D, but I’d rather not have an intermediate format as data can be lost.

Unless importing IFC is on the roadmap for Aspose.3D? Which would be ideal.

Thanks for your time,


We do have plan to add support for IFC, this task was delayed because Aspose.3D lacks some required features before, but most of these required features had been implemented in previous versions.

We’ll restart this task on demand, and will ping you when it’s ready.

Great to hear, thanks @lex.chou

Thank you for your patience.