Aspose in Java


Do you have any plan to offer versions of Aspose.Excel, Aspose.Word, Aspose.Chart y Aspose.Pdf in Java?.

I am developing an application that (for commercial reasons) must run in .Net and Java. So, I am looking for a library that has a similar API in .Net and Java to reduce my development costs. I think that your libraries match with my needs, and I don’t find any other vendor with similar functionality (in spite of the fact that one of them offers its products in Java and .Net). Therefore, I am interesting in known if you have plans to migrate those products to Java.

Now, I am in planning phase, so I can wait for a while if you are planning a Java version. Any information will be appreciated,



Dear Nicolás,

Thank you to bring me your Java requests.

Actually we’re always considering to make Java equivalents of of our best selling .Net components such as Aspose.Excel, Aspose.Word, Aspose.PowerPoint, Aspose.Pdf, etc. More info please check Does Aspose run under Mono?

Recently we seem to make the final decision to do that. Please check Aspose will enter into the Java market.

Hopefully 3 months later you will have our first Java component although for now I’m not sure which one comes first.

I will keep you posted on our Java venture. Thanks for your patience in advance.


Thanks Ben for the consideration.

In addition, I take the chance to comment that in our particular case will be nice to have a special licence that include boths versions (.Net and Java)



What is the best development environment to develop Java applications on a Windows machine?


IntelliJ is very usable. Also I like Eclipse.



When it comes to Java IDEs, just make a search on the net, and you’ll find that there are basically only four major contenders: JBuilder, NetBeans, Eclipse and IntelliJ.