Aspose.Words rtf-support

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i read in earlier threads that the implementation of rtf-support in aspose.words for java is planned for Q3 2008.
can you tell me the date of this release a little bit more exactly. rtf-support is a crucial point for my application.

emil müller


Thanks for your inquiry. At the moment we are working hard to implement completely new porting technology. With this technology we will be able to porting all Aspose.Words for .Net functionality to the next Java release. And all subsequent Aspose.Words for Java releases will be synchronized with .Net ones. We hope to complete this work this year. It is the best estimate I could give.
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Thank you for your quick answer.

My problem is, that i have to retrieve MathType-Data out of word03 doc. the result should be in OMML.
As far as I can see, aspose.words doesn’t support this conversion. the mathtype-data is stored in the docx as inline wmf-files. is there any way to save get the mathtype data in the doc.
The other way could be to save the doc as rtf and convert the rtf into docx, as rtf is keeping the math-formulas as MathML.

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Could you please attach sample document for testing?
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This is a very simple doc whith a lot of formulas.

At the end I would like to have a docx which I will transform with xsl (also whithin my java-application). The docx should contain all text-data and all math-formulas contained in the doc.

Thanks for your help.


I tried to convert your document to DOCX. And it seems that all formulas still there.
Here is code:

// Open document
Document doc = new Document("terminator_fussball_II.doc");"terminator_fussball_II.docx", SaveFormat.DOCX);

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The formulas are there, if you open the docx with Word 2007. But i want to do a xsl-transformation with the document.xml inside the docx. The goal is to convert the nice looking word formulas into - less nice - expressions like y=(a-2x)/(3a^4-b). (My application is designed to convert any doc or docx file into a new docx file which is readable for blind persons and the software jaws. Therefore, all formulas have to be transformed in a linear form by my application.)

If you look at the document.xml you find tags like this one

<v:shape id="_x0000_s1026" type="#_x0000_t75"
style="width:450pt;height:27pt" o:ole="" o:preferrelative="t"
filled="f" stroked="f">
<v:fill o:detectmouseclick="f"/>
<v:imagedata r:id="rId5" o:title=""/>
<o:lock v:ext="edit" aspectratio="t"/>

The data for the formula is inside a wmf-file called image5.wmf (rId5) which is not accessible to the xsl-transformation since it is no xml file.
I don’t see a way to get the formula data whithout converting the doc first in a rtf and then transforming it to docx.

Thanks for your help


Thanks for your explanation. But anyway equations are stored as embedded OLE objects. Please see attached RTF document (I converted your document to RTF using Aspose.Words for .NET)
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We are happy to tell you that the new version of Aspose.Words for Java was released. Support of Rtf and Odt formats were added in this release!