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Assorted questions

I have a number of questions about Aspose.Word:

1 - The letter template in the download sample indicates that “Aspose.Word 1.3 supports most elements of Word documents”. Could you please clarify the features that are not supported?

2 - How are binary .doc files generated? Does Aspose have a license agreement with Microsoft?

3 - When using multiple data tables in a document, is there any restriction to the number of overlaps that occur - i.e. the number of time the following sort of construct can be used in a template <TableStart:{table name}><{table item}><TableEnd:{table name}> ?

4 - Could you explain/give examples of “Manipulate content of the document by adding, copying and removing sections inside and between documents.”? I don’t believe that the samples I have provide examples of this functionality - are there any new samples?

5 - Could you explain/give examples of “Build document content at runtime. Insert text, images, specify font and paragraph formatting.”? Same issue as the previous item.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.


1. Annotations, revision marks, captions, group shapes, encryption, nested fields are not supported. Bookmark are allowed to be loaded but never written to the output. Eventually we will have everything supported.

2. .doc format was made public by Microsoft sometime ago. It was not widely announced that’s why many didn’t notice. Search on the internet there is a number of places to find the documentation.

3. There is no restriction on the number of mail merge regions. However they cannot overlap and cannot be nested. We will support nested mail merge regions later. So far we found majority of scenarious don’t require nested or can be worked around.

4. DocumentBuilder class was just added in Aspose.Word 1.4. The concept maybe similar to StringBuilder in .NET. With DocumentBuilder you can insert text, images, specify font and paragraph formatting, page setup, borders, shading etc etc. It exposes object model very similar to MS Word. This feature will grow to allow inserting tables, lists etc.

5. Same.