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Async API for .net

Is there any progress on getting a async apis for the various .net products?


Would you please be more specific about the Aspose APIs which you want to use at your side. We will check for relevant information and share with you accordingly.


I am a Java user of Aspose Total, and I think an async API would make a lot of sense on both C# and Java. Being more specific, file operations like load and save, transformation and search APIs, any other blocking operations where the underlying source code could instead use async primitives would be a good candidate.

Currently, the only way to use Aspose with other async APIs is to spawn a task/thread that performs blocking operations with Aspose, and perform the async waits on the task object. This is not optimal.



Regretfully no async method in the APIs is offered. However, you can please consider using Aspose Cloud APIs, which will allow you to use them in both sync and async manners. In case you have further concerns, please feel free to share with us.

I am aware no async api is offered. I am asking when one will be provided. Async allows for significant perf improvements when reading documents from remove locations. and the cloud is not an option for us since we are on an isolated network.


We would like to share with you that starting a specific thread for single Document and managing it is feasible. Thus, built-in aync methods can be implemented to the APIs. However, we may need some specifications from your side about the usage of Aspose APIs like which APIs are you interested in to use and which specific functionalities are you looking to use in async manners. We will surely investigate the feasibility in details and share our feedback with you.

We would like to share with you that starting a specific thread for single Document and managing it is feasible.

While this is possible, it still blocks a thread while waiting for IO to complete. For example reading a 100MB document from a DB. during the period(s) where data is being read from the DB, that thread should be released to be working on other things.


Would you kindly share a sample console application demonstrating a similar behavior? We will further investigate the scenario in details and share our feedback accordingly.

this is not a bug with aspose and does not need a repro. it is just how async works


We are looking into this and will get back to you shortly.


An investigation ticket as PDFNET-47856 has been logged in our issue tracking system for your requirements. We will further investigate the feasibility of this feature and keep you posted with the status of its availability. Please be patient and spare us some time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

any update on this ?


We are afraid that the earlier logged ticket is not yet resolved. However, we will surely inform you as soon as we have certain updates regarding its resolution. Please give us some time.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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