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Chart-image issues

We use Aspose Cells 2.5.2 (instead of current version Aspose 2.5.4) because of some issues in 2.5.4

In both versions I found following issues:
When I save a chart with #NV values to an Image, the series with the #NV value does not have thousand-seperators and the datalabel has no text.
see attachment: barcharts.zip
e.g. "tom" 2. bar has no label
e.g. "spontaneous awareness" has a label "1100" instead of "1.100"

I also found out, that when I invoke "chartPoint.getDataLabels()" no thousand-seperator is beeing displayed in the image (see attachments: stackedcharts.zip)

In a stacked bar diagram the legend order in the image is different to the legend order in the excel file
see attachment: stackedcharts.zip
"Total" is in the image on first position, in the excel at last position

In 2.5.4 the thousand-seperator does not care about local number formatting :
I set the workbook-locale to German and English, but the datalables in both chart-images have the same number formatting (1.000,00)
This worked in 2.5.2 (see attachment: barcharts.zip)

Please provide us a solution for that


Thanks for posting the problem.

I can found the problems with the latest version Aspose.Cells for Java v2.5.4.12. We will investigate this issue and provide you a fix asap.

This issue has been logged as CELLSJAVA-28982.


I have another problem with the image-quality. I tried improve the quality for JPG and PNG with the following methods, but could not recognize any difference



(See attachment barchart_quality.zip)


I have also forwarded this question of yours to our development team. We will update you once we will get any input from them.


How long do you think does it take to get a fixed version for all the issues?


We are still working on these issues and will try to provide a fix in this week which may improve the generated image for chart.

For the quality of generated image, we are afraid we cannot support it soon. Currently the quality options take effect only for converting sheet to images.


During my tests I found another issue like this.
I attached a .ppt showing a dark image where parts of it seem missing or merged together at the left side.

Looking forward to your reply.


Thanks for your feedback. We have logged your comment. We will update you asap.

Hi again!
Another issue occured today: One specific chart is cropped slightly, so part of the text is missing.
(refer to attachment: right chart, left border - next to the dark brown piece of the cake)

Can you look at this too?
Looking forward to your reply.


We have fixed the issues of chart2image in your original post. For the issue of number format for locale German and English, We have tested 2.5.2 but get the same result with current versions.

We think maybe you used different locale settings for your jvm so that you can get the correct number format. Also, with recent versions/fixes, you can change locale for number formatting by calling following methods explicitly:

And for your latest two issues shown in ppt, we will look into it soon.


Aspose.Cells for Java (Latest Version)

The issues you have found earlier (filed as CELLSJAVA-28982) have been fixed in this update.

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we still have the issue with poor results from the Chart.toImage()
functionality. Currently we are using Aspose Cells version 7.0.3 for JDK1.5.

I have found lots of threads regarding the same issues. We tried to use
EMF vector graphics with custom resolution but this produces the same
poor quality as regular image types like JPEG for example.


Thanks for your feedback. I have reopened your issue. We will further look into it and update you asap.

Please also create a sample application to replicate the problem using the latest version:
Aspose.Cells for Java (Latest Version)
and post here. It will help us in investigation.


Has this been addressed yet? I am having the same issue, makes no difference to the generated image any of the parameters regarding resolution or quality.

Please advice.



Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells for Java.

Please provide us your project with input and output file. We will check it at our end and update you asap.

Hi, I can’t provide you with the project and there’s no input file, I generate the excel sheet in the code, fill the sheet with values and from that I generate the chart.

I save the image in .emf format, please find attached the image and find below part of the code for creating the image, the code BTW is in java.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi, just replied with the needed into in an email.

Please advice.



Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells for Java.

We do not find any issue with your given chart. If you are having problem, then create your charts in Ms-Excel manually and convert them into images. We will check your charts at our end. If you find any issue, let us know.

The problem is not the chart I sent, the problem is that the image size, weight and quality doesn’t change from quality 1 to quality 100. My question was if this bit was working or not


Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells for Java.

You are right. The image quality does not have any effect on the generated image. We have logged this issue in our database. We will look into this issue and resolve it. Once, the issue is resolved or we have some other update for you, we will let you know asap.

This issue has been logged as CELLSJAVA-40495.