Convert PDF to Image using Aspose.PDF for .NET - Improving scanned image quality

We have scanned images on PDF. We used Aspose.PDF to fetch the pages as images in tiff and jpeg format. The quality is getting reduced than what is on the PDF, where we get lines in between text. This output will be further consumed by OCR engines that need this.
We currently want to leverage filters and get enhanced image, let know what product of yours can help us get the quality image output atleast to the level that is on PDF.

We have total license and have freedom to use all of your libraries.
Note: Your OCR conversion is not an option for us but if there are image enhancing modules kindly share the reference.

awaiting update :smile: smile


Sorry for the delayed response.

Would you please share a sample PDF and code snippet that you are using for conversion. We will try to observe the low-quality output issue at our end and address it accordingly. We will also try to improve the output image quality (if possible) and share our feedback with you.

Since this are legal documents I can’t share the PDF’s. Thinking how else we can replicate.

Can you help with what Aspose module we can use to improve the quality of images.
I have tried below from Aspose.Imaging but in vain.

Even when we just fetch images from PdfExtractor and open the image that is retrieved the quality is bad than what is shown on PDF using Adobe PDF or opening on chrome browser. Any resolution/ width , height could help on this?

Also tried your OCR module from GIT and the project from git is not working
and have raised this Aspose.OCR samples on GitHub not working


Would you please try using the code snippet given in the below article(s) to convert PDF Pages into Images as this approach allows you to specify the output image quality. Please let us know if you still face any issue:

We have Aspose.Imaging API in order to deal with images and manipulate them. However, if you are already trying it and facing unexpected results, we request you to create an inquiry in Aspose.Imaging forum category where you will surely be assisted accordingly.

We have responded to your this inquiry under respective forum thread.

The link your shared on convertpdf page doesn’t help as this are scanned images.
In PDF itself the images clarity is better but when we export it via Aspose the visibility is distorted. I have used the tiff, jpg including the quality parameters that didn’t help.


It is hard to proceed further without replicating the issue at our side and for that, we need a sample PDF so that issue can be identified after reproducing and addressed accordingly. In case you cannot share your document publicly, you can share it in a private message and only Aspose Staff would have access to it. You can send a private message by clicking over username and pressing blue message button.