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Converting from Word to HTML- and then HTML to Word


I need to convert from Word to HTML (which you already do) and then from HTML to Word (which I understand you are planning to do). Do you know when that might be ready? Is there any way I can purchase the current product (to get started) and then, from there, get the new version at no or low cost? Thanks.

We are stepping up development of HTML import and export features to deliver them in August.

Cool. Per my conversation with Ben, I will purchase shortly (on Monday, I expect) and get the update when available. Availability in August would be awesome!

Can you give me a heads up on how I convert from Word to HTML? The SaveFormat enum does not have an HTML member (at least in the documentation online)…

Both reading HTML files and saving them will be available in August. At the moment you can only save to txt, doc or Aspose.Pdf.Xml for PDF conversion.

Any word on the release that will allow HTML-Word conversions?


Export to HTML is through final stages and will be released today or tomorrow. There is still some work to do on importing HTML, likely to take another two weeks. We are trying to implement as much support for CSS as we can. You can help us if you send your html documents you need to convert to as samples.

Does the 1.7.1 version do the Word to Html conversion? If so, what methods or commands would be used to do that?


Officially it does not, because demos and website pages have not yet been updated, but if you are into it, then try:

Document.Save(“myfile.html”, SaveFormat.FormatHtml);

I just downloaded 1.7, and it does not allow compilation with SaveFormat.FormatHtml. Sigh.

I just downloaded the latest Aspose.Word, and got this error:

You tried to save in HTML format. Unfortunately, this feature is only available in Enterprise Edition, but your license authorizes you to use features up to Professional Edition. Please check for more info. You can go to to upgrade your license. Thanks for your consideration.

Can you clarify this? I had a conversation via IM with Ben that lead me to believe I would be able to access this feature with professional.

Dear Douglas,

As a special offer, I have authorized you to create license for the upgraded Order ID 040827155413. Please check your email.

In case you can still use some sample html docs to convert to Word format, I will email you a good example of ours which have a lot of tables and embedded lists within the tables. I hope the work is going well on the html to work conversion.
Cheers, Jerry

Thanks, this is a good sample.

Hi Roman, What is the current expected delivery date for the Html import feature?

We will initially release HTML import without support for CSS and this will be okay for your sample as it does not use CSS. Estimated delivery 2-3 weeks from now.

Great. I’ll await that version with great anti***tion. It will save me from having to write html to rtf code myself.
Cheers, Jerry

I know you guys are working hard on the HTML stuff, so I don’t mean to be a bother. Is there a list that I can get added too to be notified when the HTML features are available?

Since you've posted here, you will get an email notification when HTML support will be released and I will post the news in this forum.

Is the HTML Import something we can expect soon, or is this still a ways off. Just trying to create plan, and I don’t want to have to use a differnt product…