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"Could Not Resolve Dependencies" Error when Using Maven Repository

Reference thread: MVN repository changed?

We are getting below error when we use https://repository.aspose.com/repo/

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project inin-document-conversion-service: Could not resolve dependencies for project com.inin.document.conversion:inin-document-conversion-service:jar:0.0.1-SNAPSHOT: The following artifacts could not be resolved: com.aspose:aspose.imaging:jar:jdk16:21.12, com.aspose:aspose-slides:jar:21.12: Could not find artifact com.aspose:aspose.imaging:jar:jdk16:21.12 in inin-artifactory-mirror (https://articache.ininica.com/artifactory/inin-maven-mirror-remote) -> [Help 1]

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Thank you for contacting support.

Unfortunately, I have not managed to reproduce the error you are experiencing. Please check your settings for using Aspose.Slides for Java here:

If the issue persists, please share a simple project that reproduces the error and describe the environment where the error occurs.

hi @Andrey_Potapov

We are using JFROG Artifactory for artefact caching and we configured Aspose Repository as Remote repo in JFROG , we were used http://maven.aspose.com/artifactory/simple/ext-release-local/ to connect the Aspose REPO , this is not working now and we blocked

can you please suggest what is the alternative URL so that i can configure it in JFROG to connect aspose REPO

Could you please describe in more detail step by step how we can reproduce the error on our end?

Hi @Andrey_Potapov

We use JFROG Artifactory and we configured Aspose as remote repository in JFROG , Please below

Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 12.12.40.png (121.7 KB)

And we used http://maven.aspose.com/artifactory/simple/ext-release-local/ URL when we configure remote Repo
see below Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 12.14.46.png (80.4 KB)

Looks like this URL http://maven.aspose.com/artifactory/simple/ext-release-local/ changed now and not working any more

When I raise request someone from your team told that http blocked and suggested to https://repository.aspose.com/repo/ but this will work only for MVN/Gardle clients not in Artifactory ?

All i am loking here is the repalcement for the URL http://maven.aspose.com/artifactory/simple/ext-release-local/

@Amjad_Sahi FYI please , kindly review above

Thank you for the additional information. I’ve added a ticket with ID SLIDESJAVA-38796 to our issue tracking system. Our development team will investigate this case. We will inform you of any progress.


We have retired JFROG Artifactory and move our repository over to AWS and Hugo.

Web UI URL is https://repository.aspose.com/

Repository (repo) URL is https://repository.aspose.com/repo/

You can use Maven/Gardle clients to download our artifacts. Sorry we no more support Aspose repository as remote repository in JFROG.

Sorry for this inconvenience.