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Date Filters Option Unavailable

When creating a Pivot Table from raw data which contains a date field, I have the option to filter using the Date Filters option but when a Pivot Table is created using the Smart Markers, the option for Date Filters is not available at design and greyed out when the report is published.

I have set the cell format to 'Date' on the Excel Design Template, but the option for Date Filter is not showing - The Label Filter Option is presented instead. (see screen capture attached).

Is there a way of setting the date filter either in the Excel design template or when the report is published?


Thanks for your interest in Aspose.

Please confirm if your question is relating to Aspose.Cells for .NET or Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services.

The issue is relating to Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services as shown in the SSRS icon which appears beside the subject heading.


Thanks for your clarification. We have added your issue in our database. We will investigate this issue and help you asap.

This issue has been logged as CELSSREP-29154.


This incident was raised almost 3 weeks ago, we are desperately in need of a working solution. Could you please provide an update as to the status of this case soon as possible.


I am afraid, there is no update at the moment for this issue. However, I have logged your comment and increased the priority. Once, we will get some update, we will let you.

Hi ,

Please download and try the latest version of Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services v1.7.0.43.

Below are the links to download MSI installer of Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services.

Note: Download all parts in a single folder and then extract them using WinRar.

Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services v1.7.0.43 (MSI) - Part 1
Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services v1.7.0.43 (MSI) - Part 2

And try it with the given report definition file: DataFilter.RDL

1. Create a table report item and click Modify Attribute button.

2. Add filters conditions.

a. Click modify button

b. Add filter conditions

c. Click add button

d. Click commit button

e. Click close button



Could you please provide an email address so I can send you an .rdl file of a report I wish to create.

I have installed the latest version of Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services (v1.7.0.43) but am experiencing some issues saving the report when I insert Repeat Dynamic Formulas with Smart Tags and Creating Attributes. These issues were not seen in a previous version of Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services.


Please follow the same steps for sending your RDL file as mentioned in this article: How to send your license file to an Aspose staff member?

I will recommend you to attach the RDL file here. I am making this thread Private, so that no one else except you or us could access the file.

I have attached our .rdl file.

The issues I am experiencing are as follows:

1) When I insert the repeat dynamic formula (&=&=D{r}) in cell J2 (Box Type 2) of worksheet 'Data Incidents', the report fails to save with the "Saving Report file failed" error.

2) I am unable to save report attributes for worksheet 'Data Manf' and 'Data Accounts'. The problem is, once I have set report attributes within these worksheets, I am unable to save the .rdl file. The .xlsm file becomes blank and the mouse pointer displays as the busy wheel. MS Excel then appears to hang.

3) Formulas in cells 'W2' and 'Z2' of worksheet 'Data Incidents' do not seem to be working (could be due to the attribute problem above)

4) I am unable to set date filters to pivot table 'FailureRate1' within Worksheet 'Pivot Incidents1' and 'PivotTable1' within worksheet 'Pivot Incidents2'. (see screenshot attached). The date filters required are the default MS Excel native date filters (i.e. Year to Date).


Thanks for your feedback. I have logged your comment. We will update you asap.


We checked and fixed some parts of your issues.

We have fixed 1 and 2 issues. Please try the fixed version( v1.7.0.44) (attached).

For 3:

There are some invalid data in the following formula: &=&=SUMIFS(ManufacturedDataQuantity,ManufacturedDataBoxType,D{r},ManufacturedDataQuarter,">="&$V{r},ManufacturedDataQuarter,"<="&$L{r})

Please try using ManufacturedData.Quantity instead of ManufacturedDataQuantity and so on.


I can confirm items 1 and 2 have been fixed in ACRSv1.7.0.44 however I have come across further issues.

1) When opening the report after exporting, I receive an error stating "PivotTable field name is not valid" Please see screen shots attached. When selecting the workbooks containing the pivot tables all fields are empty.

2) I have followed your instructions above regarding item 3 and have used data markers in the formula as described. I have attempted prefixing the data markers with &= (i.e. &=&=SUMIFS(&=ManufacturedData.Quantity,&=ManufacturedData.BoxType,$D{r},&=ManufacturedData.ManufacturedQuarter,">="&$V{r},&=ManufacturedData.ManufacturedQuarter,"<="&$L{r})

and without prefixing with &= (i.e. &=&=SUMIFS(ManufacturedData.Quantity,ManufacturedData.BoxType,$D{r},ManufacturedData.ManufacturedQuarter,">="&$V{r},ManufacturedData.ManufacturedQuarter,"<="&$L{r}) but neither solution works. I have attached screen shot Formula Errors to show output of rendered file.

3) You stated above there are some invalid data in formula &=&=SUMIFS(ManufacturedDataQuantity,ManufacturedDataBoxType,$D{r},ManufacturedDataQuarter,">="&$V{r},ManufacturedDataQuarter,"<="&$L{r}) but this formula uses named ranges. I have discovered both ACRSv1.7.0.43 and v1.7.0.44 do not support the use of named range and the named ranges created do not "grow" dynamically as the data is placed at rendering time.

I will send the .rdl file by email which contains the report design including the named ranges used. I believe the named ranges should expand dynamically as data is placed during rendering time but this is not the case.

Please investigate !

.rdl file emailed


Thanks for giving us further details and sending the RDL file via mail.

We will look into your issue and figure it out soon. I have reopened your issue again.

Thank you.


Please try fixed version Aspose.Cells for Reporting Services MSI v1.7.0.45.

Download all parts in a folder and then extract using WinRaR


Uninstall old version and install fixed version.


I have re-created my report using ACRSv1.7.0.45 but continue to have issues. The main issues are:

1) After generating the report, worksheet Lookups is missing data (see screenshot missingdata.jpg and compare to .rdl file sent via email) causing other worksheet to contain incorrect values affecting the pivot tables and main report. It is as if integer values typed directly into the cells are removed when the report is created.

2) The summary section of worksheet Returns Analysis does not render correctly. (Again,see screenshot Summary.jpg and compare to .rdl file sent via email).

3) I would like the user to be able to enter 2 sets of integer values within the summary section of Returns Analysis worksheet and copy these values into Report Period 1 and Report Period 2 within worksheet Lookups. I have tried the following within Lookups worksheet but receive an error when publishing the report: ='Returns Anaylsis'!K3 and &=&='Returns Anaylsis'!K3. How do I copy cell values directly from one worksheet into another?


Thanks for your feedback and files. We will update you asap.


We have fixed the issues and please try the fixed version v1.7.0.50(attached).

For 3: Now, you can directly use "='Returns Anaylsis'!K3 " in Report Period 1 and Report Period 2 within the worksheet.

If you face any issue or have question, please inform us any time.