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Developing PPT Deck using ASPOSE


I am generating the PPT(having charts and Texts) by using ASPOSE in Java.
I am writing into an excel file and then embedding that into PPT. So for a PPT Deck having 5 slides currently I am preparing 5 different excel files.

Are the following things are possible in ASPOSE?

1. We have 5 sheets in XLS, is it possible to open sheet1 in slide 1 and sheet2 in slide2 etc..

2. It’s always displaying Object Changed message, will it go way after getting license.

3. Can we do better formatting in PPT

4. Can we get a documentation(Objects, methods etc..) of Aspose API.


Hi Saroj,

1) As you can only embed MS Excel Workbook in PPT when using MS PowerPoint, same is true with Aspose components.

2) "Object Changed" message is displayed whenever you embed an OLE Object in ppt/pptx. You can replace it with an image as explained here.

3) You can format text contents in a ppt if you use Paragraph().getPorions objects.

4) API documentation is available in the doc folder when you download Aspose.Slides for Java. For online API documentation visit here.

Hi Muhammad Sabir,

Thanks for your immediate response.
I have one more question before using ASPOSE for our development.

Whether ASPOSE will support 1.4JDK and WAS 5.1?


Hi Saroj,

In order to use Aspose.Slides for Java in your Java applications, the minimum requirement is as under:

- Java runtime 1.4 or above,
- JAI (Java Advanced Imaging API)
- JAI Image I/O

Hi Shabir,

I have some more questions on using ASPOSE using Java. Can you please clarify the same.

  1.   Is it possible to generate

same(Attached) PPT and also the graphs in PPT using ASPOSE?

2. Is it possible to write macros
to control the size of opening excel when we double click on object
changed/image and defaulting to a specific sheet?

3. When we place an image instead
of Object Changed it is occupying full slide, is it possible to control
the size of image to be displayed?

4. When can we expect generating image for excel chart in JDK1.4

Thanks in advance.



We too are having the similar requirement and I have attached the images of how it should work.


1) Aspose components are capable to create even more complex presentations than those provided by you. Aspose.Cells for Java supports almost all chart types. For a list of chart types supported by Aspose.Cells for Java, please visit here.

2) We don't recommend using macros in your software solutions and intend to provide the required functionality in our API as described in this topic. For instance, your current requirements can be met as described below:

a) You can set the embedded workbook size using wb.setOleSize(0, chartRows, 0, chartCols) method.

b) You can also set default sheet using wb.getWorksheets().setActiveSheet(chartSheetIdx) method.

3) The image displayed for OLE Object acqires the size of the OleObjectFrame and its size can be controlled by setting the height and width of OleObjectFrame.

4) For any new feature / bug related with Aspose.Cells for Java, please feel free to inquire from Aspose.Cells Product Family forum here.

Thanks a lot for providing the quick updates.We will try out the options suggested by you and will get back if we face any issues.



Hi Muhammad Sabir,

Due to some reasons PPT Generator development was put on hold by the client.
I have some open issues to disuss.

Is it possible to have a call with you to discuss those? Let me know your convinient time(IST) and number to discuss it.


Hi Saroj,

I am afraid that you can discuss your issues/inquiries either by posting on Aspose.Slides forum or by having a live chat session. Please use any one of these mediums.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

Hi Mudassir,

I think for developing PPT Deck we need to purchase only ASPOSE. cells and slides. What will be the total cost of the software?
Three developers will be working in the development and need to be deployed in 3 environments(Dev, Satge and Prod).

What kind of support Aspose will provide after purchasing the licence?


Hello Saroj,

I am afraid that your post is more related to sales department. So, please post your sales related requests to Aspose.Purchase forum. Please follow this link.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

Hello Saroj,

My name is Shahzad Ashraf and I am a part of the Sales team here at Aspose. I will be assisting you with any sales and licensing questions. Our license subscriptions depend upon the number of developers working on our product and the number of physical locations (buildings) to which the derived applications would be deployed. Please visit http://www.aspose.com/corporate/purchase/policies/subscription-definitions.aspx for more details on our Subscription Definitions.

If all the servers/machines to which the deployments are going to be done are located in the same building and you would only be having three developers, you can look at purchasing three Developer Enterprise Subscriptions of Aspose.Slides for Java and Aspose.Cells for Java. The total cost involved would be $3,209 and you can get the pricing information yourself by visiting http://www.aspose.com/purchase/pricing-info-step-1-of-3.aspx .

We offer free and unlimited technical support through our support forums 24 hours a day. If you face any issue, you will just need to post it on the relevant forum and we will be more than happy to assist you. Please feel free to contact us again if you need more information.

I thank you for your continued interest in Aspose products.