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Editing charts imported from a template file in JAVA

A comment for Aspose.Cells for Java V1.9.4 Hot Fix states: 'For charts imported from template files, manipulating their data is not supported, currently only support to operate on shape properties’

Could you please tell me if/when this will be supported?


The phrase means Aspose.Cells for Java does not support to manipulate the designer charts in the template file. We only support to read / manipulate shapes (Arc, Oval, Rectangle, TextBox etc.).

As Johnson shared we are working to support the feature (manipulating designer charts) and hopefully we will support it soon: <A href="</A></P> <P> </P> <P>Thank you.</P> <P> </P> <P> </P> <P> </P> <P> </P> <P> </P> <P> </P> <P> </P>


Currently we are working on this feature, attached is the beta version that support reading out chart from template file, I think maybe you can try it as evaluation. Please note that it is just a beta version, there are some bugs that maybe cause some data lost or some charts parsed improperly, and we are still doing more test on it, hope we can release a stable version at Oct. Thank you.

Thank you for the feedback and the beta version. We will give it a try in our JAVA 1.4 environment.


The attached version in my previous reply is for JDK1.5, please try this version for JDK14, Thank you.

Hi Johnson Shi,

Thank you for the beta version! It works fine so far. Would it be possible to get a version that provides both the beta version of reading out chart from template file and the support for images in xls2pdf?


I noted another thread of you: "Convert XLS file containing images to PDF in JAVA 1.4" at <A href="</A>, if you need such beta version, I think I can provide you one when I fix the bug of Image support for xls2pdf, by reply for this or that thread.</P>


Please try this attached version, it is a beta version too and it supports Image in xls2pdf. And we have fixed the bug for Image supporting in xls2pdf that you mentioned at thread:<A href="</A>.</P>

Hello, can we get access to this beta version (or any newer betas?) We just bought Aspose.Total for Java and would like to use templates with charts, and I believe the latest stable release does not support this yet.

Patrick van Staveren

Hi Patrick,

I have attached the latest fix ( for you, could you try it.

Thank you.

Hi Patrick,

Well, please ignore my previous post as the fix I attached (in it) is not the original beta version and it might not support manipulation of charts feature in .xls files.

Please try the attached beta version (, it does support manipulation of charts in the template .xls files. It is to be noted that we are working on enhancing the features for Excel2007 xlsx file. We have made certain changes in that beta version (attached) related to Excel2007 xlsx format features and consequently there are a few drawbacks related to it, i.e.., reading in and write out Excel2007 xlsx files is unavailable as we modified the source code related to it .

If you want to have a stable version which should support all the features including manipulation of charts and reading/writing MS Excel 2007 .xlsx files, kindly wait for 1-2 weeks till we release our next official release.

Thanks for your time and understanding.

Alright, we will give a go. We don’t intend to put this into production for another month or so; your timing of a release in the next few weeks will work great for us.