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Formatting issue when converting Aspose.Words document to Aspose.PDF

Hi there, the Word document produced is formatted as expected, the PDF version has some inconsistencies. Let me know what you need from me to help me out.


Hello shan,

In order for us to have a more clear understanding of issue, could you please specify the source from which you first generated the Word document ?

Secondly is it the same resulting word document that is being used as source for PDF conversion ?

Hi there, guess my short post wasn’t descriptive enough. There are some formatting deltas that I’m finding when preparing a Word document with Aspose.Word and then exporting the same document to Aspose.PDF. The formatting of the PDF is not 100% identical to the Word version. Is it supposed to be? If so can you help me out with the issue I’m having? Thanks


We can't make sure the PDF is 100% identical to the Word document. There are some known issues (refer to Word to Pdf). Even for the supported features, we can't make sure the PDF is exactly the same as the Word document. But you can provide your Word document and let us check it.

Hi there codewarior, apologies for missing your response earlier. The source that generates the Word doc is pretty much the same as your demos. The difference is in the Word doc itself. When I generate a Word doc and stream it back as an HTTP response using your standard API approach, the results are perfect. When I generate a PDF from the Word doc using Aspose.PDF, and stream it back as an HTTP response the PDF version has extra spacing in some paragraphs that is not desirable.

Generating the PDF from the Word doc is done as your code examples demonstrate. Would it make sense for me to send you a Word document? If so how do I send a document privately?


Hi Tommy, thanks for your response. I also responded to CodeWarrior. Can I send you a Word document for your review so that you can then create a PDF from it to see the spacing differences? The knowledge base of known issues doesn’t seem to cover the same scenarios.

I understand taht you can’t make them 100% identical, but the specific issue seems to be just a spacing issue with the odd paragraph here and there. When I send you the Word doc privately, I’ll identify the pages that you can compare yourself when you generate a PDF version from it.

Should I send a standard Word doc or the Word XML since it seems like the PDF creation is based off the Word XML.



Please send us the word document, the intermediate xml file and the output pdf file so that we can test it. You can send it to adeel.ahmad@aspose.com


Would the intermediate xml file and output PDF be enough? The source file is comprised of about 15 Word document templates that are all opened, and then combined. Following that the intermediate XML is generated with your API and then the PDF generated from the XML. It would be feasible for me to send you just the XML and PDF - is that enough to get started providing I point out exactly where the formatting differences are?

I can also send you the relevant 1 of 15 Word doc portions if need be…

Dear Shan,

We need the final Word document that being converted into PDF. The xml and PDF is not enough. Thanks for your help. Please send it to tommy.wang@aspose.com.