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Issue with MapiContact

Hi Kashif,
I am using aspose 18.6 jar. I am setting the InstantMessagingAddress to MapiContact object in following way


That is setting properly but after export that is not showing. Is that code is proper ? Or any another property affecting it. Please help me for that.


Can you please share where we can observe this property in MS Outlook? We couldn’t find this in Default options of MS Outlook.

Hi Kashif,
I am working on mac. I am using for that java so please help me for how to set this property in java for mac os. I have attached the screen shots please check.

IMAddressProperty.png (19.1 KB)


Can you please share how you are opening a contact in MS Outlook? When we open a saved contact by double-clicking it, it opens in Outlook for MAC as attachment to new message due to which we are not able to investigate it further at our end. Your assistance in this regard will help us investigate the issue and assist you further.

Hi Kashif,
Thanks for creating a topic for that. For opening the vcf file on mac click write click on vcf file and there is a option of open with click on that and there is a option of microsoft outlook then click on that.
I have attached the screen shot for that. Please check.

Screen shot for opening vcf file in MS Outlook for mac.png (38.8 KB)


We have looked into this and the generated output VCF file contains the Instant Messaging Address when opened in MS Outlook for Mac Screenshot at Aug 28 20-46-46.png (48.6 KB)
. The only difference that we see is that the spaces are removed but it doesn’t seem to be an issue with Aspose.Email API as the same file opens with correct spaces on Windows OS.