LINQ Reporting Engine - Bar chart with category names above bars and category icons

Using Aspose word (version:22.11) java, trying to generate Horizental Bar chart with icon and label names similar like attached image.
image.png (36.6 KB)

I tried to create a similar template using Microsoft-word and Aspose LinqEngine, but unable to create as mentioned in above attachement. Below attached is what i was able to achieve image.png (11.3 KB)

So need your assistant to achieve the same.


Please note that LINQ Reporting Engine capabilities are restricted by MS Word capabilities. MS Word does not provide an out-of-the-box way to use icons for chart categories and place categories the way you describe.

That said, there is a way to generate a chart as per your screenshot given that categories are the same for all reports generated from a single template.

If categories are always the same, you can just use picture elements and put them over a chart element. The same can be done for category names - you can use textboxes the same way. To have some extra whitespaces between bars of chart series, you can add a series with all zero values, so it does not appear in a chart but just adds some whitespaces, which can be used for textboxes with category names.

Please check Template.docx (53.7 KB). It shows a result of the mentioned steps.

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