New Version Release Schedule

Hi Aspose team,

Could you please advise on the best way to receive notifications for incoming updates?

If I Enable Email Subscription for each product:

  • how will I be notified?
  • will I be notified for both major and minor version releases?
  • is it possible to get advance notice of incoming updates?
  • how frequently are new updates published for Aspose HTML for .NET, Word for .NET and PDF for .NET?
  • will there be other topics which are shared via this distribution list? as I would only like new product updates



You will get notification post (about new release) for your subscribed products but in your threads. For example, you create a new thread in a category where you post issue(s) or demand for new feature or other enhancements. We log ticket for it it and once the ticket is resolved and release is published, you will get automatic notification in your thread about the new release/version of the API.

You may inquire in the relevant thread and we will provide details and latest updates on it.

Generally, we publish new release of each API once per month.

Thanks for the clarification.

I tried to find the Email Subscription mailing list but could not see it as per the guidance on Please let us know when you release new version - Aspose.Total Product Family - Free Support Forum -

Could I please check if there is any link to a specific thread for me to subscribe to?

I am interested in new updates for 3 products so would like an easy way to keep track please
Aspose HTML for .NET,
Word for .NET
PDF for .NET

Also, is the monthly release usually at a recurring date? So I can watch for updates then



There is no such setting for common users as the Downloads/releases server has been upgraded or changed.

When you create a new thread or reply (add post) in an existing (public) thread, you automatically subscribe to that thread. So, once any new post (any new reply or notification post) is added, you will automatically get notification mail to your inbox.

You may post your query in respective API forums to get updates on new or upcoming releases and we will reply you instantly.

The date cannot be set final, it can be any date of the month. We publish releases once ready.

Is there a setting for paid users?


We will get back to you soon.


There is no such feature/setting for paid support as well.

Hi @Amjad_Sahi, can I please also clarify the window between:

  • announcement that an API is to be deprecated in the Release Notes
  • announcement that an API is officially deprecated in the Release Notes


Yes, we also do announce/mention about deprecated APIs (if exist) in the Release Notes document(s) of the Aspose (.NET) component(s) in the Docs. We also give details about replacement APIs for the deprecated/removed APIs for the users.

Is there an average duration, e.g. 2 months, between the announcement that an API is removed & the go-live when it is removed?

When an API is removed, does it mean that the functionality stops working or that it can work but not guaranteed to perform as expected?


Generally, we first mark an API as deprecated (that will be removed after sometime) which can be still used. Then, after a few months (e.g., 10-12, we also add a comment/note with the API in the relevant API reference), we remove it from the APIs set of the library/component.

We do not remove the API without giving/implementing its replacements. So, the functionally will be implemented via its replacement API that we suggest (via note/comment) or announce in the Release notes.