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Number of languages supported

Ours is a multi-lingual application that supports western european and far eastern (japanese/chinese/korean etc.) character sets. Our database is Oracle with UTF8 as database character set. Translations of static text/data is stored in database. Does aspose.word supports multi-lingual character sets? Can you give me a list of languages (english,french,japanese etc…) that are supported by aspose.word?


European and western european languages are supported. There are no problems with character sets, but Word documents in these languages can have style names and field names different from English and Aspose.Word allows to handle these.

Middle eastern (right to left) languages are supported, we have customers in Israel and Saudi Arabia using Aspose.Word for right to left languages successfully. Note that right to left support in Word is not documented, so there still might be features not fully supported, if you find anything, let us know.

I've also seen Aspose.Word used for Chinese documents and we handle all of the far eastern flags and structures in a Word file, but we never fully tested with Chinese or Japanese documents, again, because some features are not documented to us. You are welcome to send us a few Chinese or Japanese documents for testing.