PowerPoint Table Corruption Error

I was trying to replicate filling in a PowerPoint table with data from a database. I keep getting this error "PowerPoint was unable to display some of the text, images, or objects on slides in the file, "Demo.ppt", because they have been corrupted.". PowerPoint then proceeds to load with a generic template. This seems like a simple thing to do and I am wondering if I am doing something wrong in the process. I am using Office 2003 and I have the Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office System loaded on to my computer also. I am attaching a zip file so someone can see if there is something I am doing wrong I would really appreciate it.


Dave Pifer

Dear Dave,

Thank you for considering Aspose.Slides.

I have added one more line in your code.

this.Response.Clear(); //new line added
this.Response.ContentType = "application/vnd.ms-powerpoint";
this.Response.AppendHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=demo4.ppt");

System.IO.Stream st = this.Response.OutputStream;

Also, I have used the latest version of Aspose.Slides

Please get the attached code which is in accordance with latest version of Aspose.Slides It works fine. Aspose.Slides is present in the Bin subdirectory.

Thank you very much!!..It works great!

Hi Alex,

Thanks for sharing the information. I am sorry I have not been able to understand that whether you are inquiring about an issue or suggesting some tool. Please share if I may help you in this regard.

Many Thanks,