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Problem about cells format

i retreive data from database and insert to cell manually by sheet.cells["A2"].StringValue = "......"

and my data has many type(string, floating point,etc)

when i'm open web the column that contains floating point shown 10,521 instead of 10.521

why it display like this and how to fix it

i try to use custom format and number format but nothing happen.

please help, Thanks

Have a nice day J


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Hi Arthit,

Well, you needs to do your desired local settings of your windows.

e.g.. for winxp,

Click Start|Settings|Control Panel.... and in Regional and Language options, select English ( United States ).

Thank you.

ok. I try to change region of my local computer but nothing chage

it's still a comma(,) instead of full stop (.)

anything else?



Which MS Excel version you are using, do you not using MS Excel English version?

I think you may try to specify your MS Excel settings, You may check and set the Options Settings in MS Excel ... e.g., select menu option....Tools |Options and select system separators (check box) in International tab in the options dialog box.

Thank you.

I'm using excel 2007 in english version

so I did it but again it's nothing happen, still shown in comma format

anything else?



Could you post your created excel file generated by Aspose.Cells APIs here, we will check it soon.

And which version of Aspose.Cells for .NET you are using?

Thank you.

No, I'm not use Aspose.Cells. I'm using Aspose.Grid and it's Evaluate Version


Ok, what type of data is stored in your source database, it is in the format like "1,0521" and stored as strings not numbers. Obviously the grid will as it is "string" where "," does not correspond to decimal point.

If this is not the case, could you create a complete test project, zip it and post it here to show the issue. We will check it soon.

Thank you.

I do not know Aspose.Grid at all (only Aspose.Cells). However, I can imagine that StringValue puts a string value into a cell. Even if the argument is a series of digits or a valid number, a string will be put into that cell.

You can do the same with MS Excel. Then there will be a small triangle in the cell telling you “number stored as string”.

When saving a number to a cell, you should use PutValue instead. There are overloaded functions, accepting different types of arguments.

Michael G. Schneider

Hi Michael,

Well in Aspose.Grid.Web if you use WebCell.StringValue property, e.g.,

WebCell.StringValue = "11077";..............When you export the the file from grid to MS Excel, small green triangle would be appeard with the value saying numbers stored as text.

And when you use WebCell.PutValue() method e.g.,

WebCell.PutValue(11077); ..............now Aspose.Grid.Web would export the file to MS Excel with the value stored as General format.

These behaviors are same with Aspose.Cells.

Thank you.

and this is some code that I’m capture

I'm surely the data that stored in database is type number (I'm using Oracle so if it in SQL Server it's Float)

and I try to follow Michael but it's still a comma format (in Web form) but it's correct in excel file after save it to computer.

I attache an excel file here, Please Help?


Thanks for providing us further details.

We will check your issue soon.

Thank you.


Which OS you are using, are you using some non-English OS? could you give us more details about your environment e.g., .NET Framework, IIS settings, Browser Type etc.

Thank you.

I'm using Windows XP

install both .Net Framework 1.1 and 2.0

Browser is IE7

but I don't know about IIS settings

any idea?


here you see I’m capture form sqlDeveloper query result from database it’s fullstop.

but when using aspose.grid on web site and using code that I'm ever post

it's shown comma

how to fix it?



Thanks for further details,

We will check your issue and get back to you soon.

And by the way, which version of Aspose.Grid.Web you are using?

Thank you.

I'm using Aspose.Grid.Web Version 2.0.0

but I'm use as evaluate version. Is it a problem?

So, What's about my problem. Or it can't change to (.)

For now it's only one of my problem.

Please help


Arthit Phumchitamorn