Recognize only 5 question when try to recognize image using temp license

Hello Team,

We created a template with the 20 or 50 question using temp license but when try to recognize the image its recognize only 5 question from a sheet.

The .omr and .png file is attached.

23_3769637697264360306749.png (128.7 KB)

01.png (154.2 KB)


Can you please add your .omr file to .zip format and share it with us? Also, please make sure that license is properly set while using the API as we can see evaluation mark in your shared images.

Hello Asad,

Currently we are using trial version and due to these type of uncertainty we are not able to decide weather to buy this solution or not. We are constantly facing issues related to creation and parsing.

As you asked we are attaching a sample OMR here. In this sample we have one identity column that is Roll Number and 10 answers. When we recognize this sheet, we are getting only 5 results and that are also not in the proper sequence. I should have received RollNumber, Question1, Question 2, Question 3, Question 4 … but I am receiving Question 1 Question 2 Question 5 . .etc.

I am also sharing a link to our another post where we are still waiting for a solution.

We urgently need an OMR solution for our application. Please help us so that we can be sure about Aspose.

Namrata Mathur (69.7 KB)


It seems like you are facing this issue due to limitations of trial version. Please try to use free 30-days temporary license and try again. In case issue still persists, please let us know. Regarding the referenced thread, we are already investigating the ticket and will respond soon.

Hello Asad,

Thanks for reply. We are currently using the same license you shared. Our concern that we need to be sure that Aspose will fulfill our requirements. Can you please setup a call with us? We have few pointers only. Please help us to figure out some things and then we can buy this solution.



We are afraid that we cannot facilitate you over call. Please note that we encourage providing support via our dedicated forums. Please feel free to share your concerns that you have about the product and we will try our best to entertain you with required information and clarifications.

We have already posted on forum. We are waiting for the response almost a week now. Please confirm regarding the license, we already have 30 days full access trial, still we are facing restrictions. Can you please check with that?


Are you talking about the same restrictions as below?

If so, please share the obtained .csv file at your end after performing OMR operation. Furthermore, we have also responded to your other inquiry.

Hi Asad,

Yes we are facing restrictions. Thanks for replying to the other post, I hope it may help us. As you asked I am attaching the ,csv file here, please (208 Bytes)


Sorry for the inconvenience. You shared only image and template in this post. The filled sheet image is missing in the shared archive. Please share that as well so that we can compare the results in our environment.

You can scan blank sheet also, still I am attaching filled sheets. (575.7 KB)


We were able to notice the anomalies in while testing the scenario in our environment. Hence, an issue as OMRNET-243 has been logged in our issue tracking system. We will further look into its details and inform you as soon as it is rectified. Please be patient and spare us some time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We need to deliver the solution ASAP. Can you please share an alternate? We must read the identifier and all questions.


Please share the .txt file which you used to generate the .omr template. We are investigating the scenario and need that file to carry out the task.


The reason for poor recognition is that the filled-in templates are very large. In order to make sure that this is a mistake on this part, we would like to get a .txt file with which you created the template. Then we can completely check everything step by step and share the result with you.

Please find the text file as attachment. (139.8 KB)


Thanks for sharing the requested file. We are looking into this case and will get back to you as soon as the investigation is complete.


We researched the data and found that there were two mistakes:

  1. We have corrected the text file to generate the template correctly.
  2. The completed template that you want to recognize must match the size of the generated template (Letter, A4, Legal), otherwise, it will not be recognized.

We have prepared an example for you. Please check: (193.6 KB)