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Regarding Java 11 Support


We plan to move our application to Java 11 soon. Ideally Java is backward compatible so Aspose jars compiled with JDK 1.6 should work, but I am hearing that Java 11 has some structural changes meaning some classes have been moved from one package to another so that can cause compilation issues.

What’s Aspose’s official stand on Java 11 support (for all products - Words, Cells, Slides, PDF, Tasks, and Email) ? Can you please check with the developers and let us know, so that we can set the expectation with our clients accordingly.



Thanks for your query.

Well, we have not thoroughly tested our libraries with Java 11 yet. Generally, it should work fine with it as we have tested it (for Aspose.Cells and Aspose.Words APIs, etc.) with Java10 and found no problems with it. We will conduct thorough tests using our components with Java 11. You may try using Aspose APIs (e.g Aspose.Cells, Aspose.Words) with Java 11 and if you find any issue, let us know. If there is any compatibility issues, we will give high priority to fix the issue(s) in quick time.

Regarding Aspose.Slides, at present the support for Java 10 is even unavailable in the API and that too is planned for Q4 for 2018. Java 11 is step ahead. A ticket is logged with an id “SLIDESJAVA-37323” for it.

Regarding Aspose.PDF, we have provided Java/JDK 9 support recently in Aspose.PDF for Java. However Java/JDK 11 support is pending and needs to be investigated first. A ticket is logged as “PDFJAVA-37957” for it.

Hi Amjad,

So my understanding is as following, pls correct me if I am wrong :

  • Aspose Words and Aspose Cells : Currently certified with Java 10. Any time line available for Java 11 ?
  • Aspose Slides : Currently certified with Java 9. Java 10 certification is planned for Q4/2018.
  • Aspose PDF : Currently certified with Java 9. Any time line for Java 10 / 11 certification ?
  • Aspose Email : What’s the current status and future Java certification plan for this ??



  1. We thoroughly tested Aspose.Cells for Java on Java 10, the API is compatible with Java 10. However, testing Aspose.Words for Java on Java 10 is not yet completed (A ticket was already logged with an id “WORDSJAVA-1778”). The following two tickets are logged to test Aspose.Words for Java and Aspose.Cells for Java on Java11:
  • WORDSJAVA-1882
  • CELLSJAVA-42714

We do not have any ETA yet. Once we have any new information, we will let you know here.

  1. Regarding Aspose.PDF, at the moment both tasks JDK 10 and 11 compatibility with the APIs are pending and have low priority. No reliable ETA can be shared for now. As soon as some significant progress is made, we can notify in the thread.

  2. Regarding Aspose.Email, using the API with Java 10 and 11 are not supported. And issue with an id “EMAILJAVA-34361” is logged.


It is to update you from Aspose.Words perspective that we have not checked Aspose.Words’ compatibility with Java 11 yet. The issue (WORDSJAVA-1882) is scheduled on coming October - just after when Java 11 is released.

Also, please note the following points:

  1. According to the new Oracle Java release cadence, new Java versions will be released every half-year.
  2. So, we will have repetitive half-year tasks to check Aspose.Words for Java with the fresh new Java releases and correct/fix something if needed.

Thanks for sharing all details.

Status of SLIDESJAVA-37323 is showing here as. Is that so ?? Do you know why is is t blocked exactly ??



Well, since we will first test Aspose.Slides for Java on Java10, so this new issue is blocked currently. After we have successfully evaluated the API on Java 10, we can re-open the ticket accordingly.

Java 10 is effectively dead and Java 11 is the new normal. what is the schedule to test the Total Family for java 11? Or are we to perform our own testing?


We would like to update you that respective tickets are pending for analysis and will be scheduled on their due turns. We will configure optimized builds for JDK 11 after resolving these tickets and will notify you once they are available for download. We appreciate your patience and comprehension in this regard.

thank you and it might be important to discuss which distro of Java you will test on because of the new licensing from Oracle


I am afraid, your question is not clear enough; therefore we request to please elaborate what do you mean by “which distro of Java” and “the new licensing from Oracle”?

See this link and read the license. it appears there is no more jre for deployment so in my discussions most java developers may switch to OpenJDK or one of the forks for OpenJDK.

my comment was perhaps a survey of which runtime environment ASPOSE java devs will be using wiht Java11 will inform on which ASPOSE should test against. We have seen a few illegal access once we switched but we have not encountered any major blocks.


Thanks for the details. We will keep you posted on any further updates.

@rajivrp, @dfplive,

Just to update you on the ticket “CELLSJAVA-42714”, we have tested Aspose.Cells for Java with JDK11 thoroughly and found no problem. In short, Aspose.Cells for Java is compatible with JDK11 and can work fine with it.


Regarding WORDSJAVA-1882, it is to update you that we have tested Aspose Words for Java 18.11 on JDK 11. It works pretty fine. We noticed a couple of minor layout issues and they will be fixed in near future.

We tested Aspose Words for Java 18.11 with jdeprscan.exe which shows us there are no important things to be fixed. We do not use forbidden classes and do not use the packages that were moved. Some work with Java Reflections needs to be done though.

So far we have decided to keep using Oracle JDK for development; if any issues with OpenJDK come up, we will solve them as soon as possible.

Thanks Awais for the update.

Please keep us posted on Java 11 certification for other Aspose components as well, namely Slides, PDF, Email, and Tasks.



I have observed your comments and we will update you as soon as possible.


I like to share that Aspose.Slides, Aspose.Tasks and Aspose.Email support Java 11. However, at present Aspose.PDF does not support Java 11 and an issue with ID PDFJAVA-37957 has already been created to provide requested support.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as WORDSJAVA-1882) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for .NET 18.12 update and this Aspose.Words for Java 18.12 update.

Is there any update to PDFJAVA-37957 ?