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Size of Editable chart embedded in ppt is getting changed when edited


I have embedded an editable excel chart in ppt using aspose slides usign OLEobjectFrame in my .net application but when I am trying to edit it, the size of the chart embedded is getting changed automatically and just because of this, the chart is occupying the entire slide, which is not the expected behaviour.

At times when chart is embedded in lower portion of the slide I am not even able to edit the data as the lower portion of the chart is not getting displayed and there is no scroll bar associated to that to drag down.

Please provide me a solution as early as possilbe as we need to release my application enhancement urgently.

Hi Kavi,

Thanks for your interest in Aspose.Slides.

I have observed the problem of OLE frame resizing as specified by you. An issue with ID 11051 has been created in our issue tracking system for the resolution of issue. The thread has been linked with the issue so that you may be automatically notified, once the issue is resolved.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

Hi Mudassir,

Its very urgent for us, as we have committed to our client that this functionality will be included in our delivery which is likely to happen next month. He badly needs this functionality to be implemented. Could you please let us know the specific timeline for the resolution?



Hi Kavi,

I feel really sorry to inform you that the status of your requested issue is still in progress and unfortunately I am unable to share any time line with you at this point of time. I really fell sorry for your nuisance but we are working on the issue and hopefully it may get resolved.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

Kavi, this issue is documented in the forums. It was first reported in the forums in March of 2009, I also have been waiting for this fix and was told in October 2009 that it would be fixed in the next release. Still waiting. You may want to look into alternatives.

Dear Eileen,

We are greatly sorry for your inconvenience.

I regret to inform you that issue with resizing of charts, when edited in OLE frame of presentation is still unresolved. Our development team has invested a lot of for the resolution of the issue but unfortunately, the source of the problem responsible for this issue is still unknown. Actually, the presentations contain size of OLE image and size of OLE shape but they don't retain any information about OLE size after updating by OLE server. Possibly, the OLE server (in this case MS Excel) uses some own internal algorithm for OLE resizing without taking into account current OLE size. This issue is unfortunately, still not resolved and as soon as some success is made, we will be obliged to share that with you.

In the mean time, we can offer you a workaround method i.e. whenever you open OLE object in MS Excel you should please also manually set correct OLE size.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

I might have the wrong issue number then. I am not trying to use Excel, I am trying to use Aspose Cells. We need to move the slide generation completely to the server where we are not permitted to install Excel or Powerpoint however Aspose slides and Cells are approved. My difficulty is with using Aspose Cells on an Aspose Slide.

Dear Eileen,

I have further discussed the issue with our development team. You may please not be using PowerPoint or Excel on the server and thus presentation generated with Aspose.Slides+Aspose.Cells (OLE objects) will not have problems with OLE object until that object opened by user in PowerPoint. If you may have opened this object in PowerPoint then you have to set correct size also. Actually, if you are thinking that object should be resized on server automatically, once opened in PowerPoint then unfortunately this is not true. This is some thing that has to be done on user side. I have already shared with you the only possible way out for this problem in my previous post.

We are sorry for your inconvenience,

I'm sorry but I did not follow this last post. Are you saying that the only solution is for the end user to resize the object after the powerpoint file is generated?

Or the issue does not exist of I use Aspose Slides and Aspose Cells on the server?

The original issue was that the Excel object in the template is the correct size but after the slide is updated on the server and the end user opens the powerpoint file the excel object is too small - not the size it was set in the template or in code. I am interested in PREVENTING resizing, not automatically resizing.

Dear Eileen,

I regret to inform you that since the source of the problem is unknown so far and the only possible work around as shared earlier is to set the OLE size manually. Let me try to explain to you once again. You should not use PowerPoint or Excel on the server. The presentation generated with Aspose.Slides + Aspose.Cells (OLE objects) does not have resizing problems with OLE object till that object is opened by the user in PowerPoint. After the user has already opened this object in PowerPoint then he should also set correct size. The point that should be consider here that who should resize object in PowerPoint and when. If this is understanding that object should be resized on server then this is not true and this should be done on user's side.

Thanks and Regards,

OK. I understand now. I don't know where your idea of resizing on the server came from (I never mentioned that) but basically the problem that the object in the template resizes itself still exists. The end user can correct the size but if you don't want the end user to have to go through every slide and reset the size back to what is in the template there is still a problem.

I will await notification of a fix for issue 11051 so that we may begin to use the Aspose products in our application.

Hi Kavi,

Thanks for the patience.

We have devised a solution to the Excel Chart resizing issue when embedded as OLE Object in the PowerPoint Presentation. Please visit this technical article for the details of the proposed solution. In case of any further inquiry regarding the issue, please feel free to share here.


Hi Eileen,

We have notified you about the proposed solution via this thread started by you. Please let us know in case of any further inquiry about the solution.