Support for HEIC files

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Wondering if you currently offer support for these types of files or if not do you intend to
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Could you please share some more detail of your requirement related to HEIC file format? We will then provide you more information on it.

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I guess what im trying to do is merge many separate HEIC to one HEIC file if possible or to another format such a JPG

Is this possible?


We are moving this forum thread to Aspose.Imaging forum where you will be guided appropriately.

@Andre123, We do not have plans in nearest future to support HEIC format, but we plan to support in Q1-Q2 2023 avif format.

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Its disappointing to hear your response. Converting the HEIC format to others is supported not only freely on apps available on GITHUB but also by leading other imaging vendors at costs considerably less than charged by Aspose

Again, it is a powerful reason for us to consider moving away from using Aspose

@Andre123, we understand you. We prepared the ticket IMAGINGNET-6025 to review the options of support HEIC/HEVC codec in Q1/2023 and will notify you after investigation.

We also have a use case to convert HEIC file to png. Is this feature supported?

@Hardeep1784, Unfortunatley we do not support HEIC to png conversion for now.

Hi Guys
Will this be supported and if so when?

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@Andre123 We haven’t yet found an acceptable way to support HEIC, but we are looking into available options. If we do confirm one, we’ll let you know right here.

@samer.el-khatib I was looking to convert image/avif file to pdf using aspose. Can you let me know if this is supported already?

@rprasadcr, Issue related to support AVIF format is IMAGINGNET-5141 and it is still in progress. We expect to finish this task in June-July. You will be notified as it will be ready.

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Thank you for your reply

Unfortunately I was previously advised that Aspose would not be implementing this option and partially, as a response to this advice we elected not to continue with our $10,000,00 per year subscription.

Last year we experienced considerable pain due to a bug that was introduced into the PDF .net tool. Many of our customers were very vocal in their complaints to us with respect to the inconvenience and hassle it caused them. I cannot really convey the ire that we endured from our customers with respect to this bug , save to say it left us with a very bad taste in our mouths.

Notwithstanding Sales , not product development stepped up to sooth our concerns and offered a year subscription whilst the issue was fixed…which it was but 3 months later.

We queried Aspose back in 2022 as regards support for HEIC format. At the time I pointed out every other major image tool provider had included support for this format, but not Aspose. We where initially told that support would be offered jan-mar 23 but then were told NO Aspose would not support the format.

To us…… this simply represented another example of the recalcitrance of the development and support teams in responding promptly to customer requests.

Our leaving is a direct example of failing to meet , what actually is a very reasonable customer request, especially given that every other major (and minor for that matter) image tool provider already supports the format…

Your apparent change of mind with respect to support for this format comes 1 month too late….

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Andre Chevallier-Knospe


We understand your concern and apologize that does not meet your expectations on support of HEIC. Let me clarify, our point on subject matter, which is not recalcitrance or lack of desire to satisfy customer requests. HEIC (HEVC) format requires licensing and for now we do not have suitable licensing schema, which will protect us and our customers. That’s why we’ve chosen support of AVIF, what is positioned as free alternative to HEIC and well supported by major browsers as our first priority.


Will this be available in Java?
Can you provide me the link for IMAGINGNET-5141?

@rprasadcr , this functionality will be available for .NET and Java. Link to this issue is only available in our internal tracking system, but you can watch its status as I have attached it to thread and you will be able to review status and will be notified as it will be done.

" Let me clarify, our point on subject matter, which is not recalcitrance or lack of desire to satisfy customer requests. HEIC (HEVC) format requires licensing

Really You charge me $10,000.00 py and yet Aspose wont license the format. Tell my why every other major supplier supports this format except Aspose , ,dare I say its conversion to jpg is available free on nuget…and you claim no lack of resolve or attention to customer service…well that just b@#$%$#

Yes, we think this format is not royalty-free.
Yes, we continuously review possibilities to extend our license to let our customers pay the royalty based on their use cases and your complaint is one more reason for these efforts.

You continue to completely miss the point ,
You have lost a customer who, over the next 10 years (at least) represents a loss of over $50,000.oo plus…Not just because of this issue but because the appalling service we have get from development.
This was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Every time we raise an issue (or find a bug) its fight to get it acknowledged and then months…to get a fix…but if we pay extra (as has been suggested and on top of the $10000.00 we already pay), we MAY, and given past history I doubt it, get a fix quicker. I really feel sorry for Sales…At least they do their best to keep customers whilst development do their best to get rid of them.

And you say you “THINK” a license fee may be applicable…which is it?, you know, you don’t know…does it even matter. Lead tools and others support it BUT Aspose thinks that a license might be needed.
Did anyone actually check? , supporting an alternate “free” format…well if I was looking for support for the free format WHY would I be paying Aspose for it

PS Im not interested in support for a browser…but then again you never asked me exactly why I might want it…