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Team leader review requested

I’ve got a forum posting

No DesignVersion or RunTimeVersion Folders

That went from September 30th that has not been resolved. I’m looking for that attention that’s promised in the “Free Support” promise.

I think 9 days is plenty of time for basic installation instructions to be posted and my issue resolved.

Hi David,

Some time was required to prepare the same environment as it was on your server. We are finalizing the instructions and will update you shortly.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,

As you’ll see on the original thread that I linked to in my original message, I got an old (6.7) version to work on SQL2012.

That lessens the urgency. I still think it indicates that either this shouldn’t be offered as a standalone product, or needs better testing, or better documentation, or something. It needs to work without spending a day banging your head on the wall and then desperately downloading and trying older versions.

It should also be put up front that the “Free Support” doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get a fix, or get hold of anyone who’s going to try to help you get a fix.

Hi David,

Latest version also works on SQL2012. There was some issue with the environment setup (not Aspose.Barcode) which lead to a delay. That issue has been resolved now and your original thread has been replied. Please follow the instructions given in reply to your original message and share in the same thread if you see any issue.

It should also be put up front that the "Free Support" doesn't guarantee that you'll get a fix, or get hold of anyone who's going to try to help you get a fix.

This is not the case. A very high percentage of fixed issues is free support issues and we try to provide a fix for every issue (no matter it is paid or free support). Your issue had a high priority but there was some issue in setting up the same environment which took some time and we are sorry for that.

Please keep following your original thread if you see any issue and we will try to resolve those issues with high priority.

Best Regards,

First off, the issue isn't even close to resolved. My original thread STILL hasn't had a single helpful thing contributed to it.

I had found a fix, but I was unable to get a license file that would work with the older version of the product I found that WOULD work. I requested this and the Bankle Chat sesion I had was terminated by the Aspose rep who refused to issue an older license file to me which would work with the 6.7 version of the product.

I've been trying to get this working for two weeks. Due to deadlines, which are already past, I had to stop spinning my wheels with this and try something else. The solution I found worked within half an hour of download, the way it should.

I'm being refused a refund from the salespeople, so I must pursue this through my credit card company.

Hi David,

Can you please share your report to reproduce the issue? Please also share if you are noticing this issue in Windows 7, Windows Server 2012 or both? Your issue will be resolved on priority.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,