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When adding Signature field cannot complete signature in adobe reader

When adding a signature to a pdf document the signature field cannot be filled in because Document restrictions doesn’t allow signing.

Code to add signature field:

FormEditor formEditor = new FormEditor(pdfDocument);
//add field
formEditor.AddField(FieldType.Signature, “signatureField”, 1, 100, 100, 200, 150);

How can I programmatically set to allow signing?

Kind regards,

Hi Jan,

Thanks for contacting support.

In order to allow PDF signing, please try using the following code snippet. For your reference, I have attached the resultant PDF generated over my end and also the image file showing properties of PDF document.


//create DocumentPrivileges object<o:p></o:p>

DocumentPrivilege privilege = DocumentPrivilege.FillIn;

// allow existing form fields filling and signing existing Signature fields

privilege.ChangeAllowLevel = 2;

//open PDF document

PdfFileSecurity fileSecurity = new PdfFileSecurity();

// bind source PDF file


//set document privileges


// save PDF file with new privileges