Aspose word same code cross environment odd behavior

I am capturing images from excel using Aspose.cell, while copying excel tables and pasting images in ms word image fonts are getting bold.image.png (25.8 KB)

@Madan.lal Do you capturing images from excel as raster images? Are the fonts changed in the image after capturing it using Aspose.Cells?

yes we are setting fontname and font size while capturing the image. But in excel and capturing fontname both are same.

We have a excel file which have one table so we are just giving cell start point and end point just copying that cell and pasting it simply in the word file.

@Madan.lal Could you please attach your source excel filed, the extracted image and the resulting word document here for our reference. Unfortunately, you did not answer the question whether the problem occurs on the image capturing stage or on the image insertion stage.

I got the issue when we are facing it, while we capturing the image from excel using Aspose.cell we are setting Antialiasing = On, horizontal and vertical resolution = 300 and picture type is JPEG we did a experiment with picture type PNG. We have changed resolution 300 to 200 also. On this configuration image are captured perfect closed to excel on my local machine/ debug machine. While we push same code to production it’s making all font to bold as I mentioned above in image.

Here are one example on production machine fonts are coming like that image.png (26.9 KB)
On my debug or local machine it’s coming like that image.png (21.7 KB)

you can see on debug fonts are good and perfectly closed to excel file. I maybe wrong that font of child content is bold it might be dark or other thing that I am not getting.
can you please help me here why same code with different environment making issue.

@ravikmr474 @Madan.lal Your question is related to Aspose.Cells. I will move it into the appropriate forum. My colleagues from Aspose.Cells team will help you shortly.

@alexey.noskov can you please assign someone to check this issue?

@ravikmr474 @Madan.lal,

It seems the issue was caused by different font configurations of your debug and production machines. Please confirm whether you production machine has the same font resources installed with the debug machine, especially those fonts that are used by your excel file. If you confirm the font settings of both machines are same, please provide us your template file and we will look into it soon.

@johnson.shi On production machine we are using Linux server, we did not install font over windows machine, do we need to install over Linux? Or we need to install .net framework?


Please note, for rendering Excel spreadsheets to PDF or image, Aspose.Cells requires the underling fonts (used in the workbook/Excel file) should be installed/available. So, please make sure all the required fonts are there in the Linux server, you may copy fonts (.ttf files) from Windows to linux machine. Also, see and follow the guidelines in the document on configuring fonts for your complete reference.

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Will help me here? how I will get to know?


Please follow up your other thread for your reference.