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New Release 1.9 and its Hot Fixes

Dear Customers, is Released.

Dear customers,

Hotfix 1.9.1 Released!


1.SetLicense method
User can set licensce just once.

For example:
Excel excel1 = new Excel();

Excel excel2 = new Excel();

2. ASeries.Line

for(int i = 0; i < chart.NSeries.Count; i ++)
chart.NSeries[i].Line.Color = Color.Red;
chart.NSeries[i].Line.Weight = WeightType.WideLine;


1. InsertRow issuse as described in

2. Range copy issue in

3. AutoFit issue in

Dear customers,

Hotfix 1.9.2 Released!


1. ASeries.Area

for(int i = 0; i < chart.NSeries.Count; i ++)
chart.NSeries[i].Area.ForegroundColor = Color.Red;

2. ExcelXP protection api

Please refer to

1. Autofilter issue as described in

2.Invalid formula issue as described in

3.Pagebreak issue as described in

Dear customers,

Hotfix 1.9.3 Released!


1. GIF issue as described in

2. Formula issue as described in

3.Wrap text issue as described in


Where can I really find the 1.9.1 hotfix for aspose excel
Because all links go to
which refer the 1.9.3 hotfix


The newer hot fix zip file overwites the older hot fix zip file while the newer hot fix automatically includes all features added in the older hot fix.

In this case, do you still want the older hot fix? If yes please let me know why.

There is a problem when I open a document created with Aspose.EXcel : a strange box appears (in french) :
witch tell : ‘Name is already used’.
I have to enter a new name in a textbox, the old name is 'Impressions_des_titres’
I don’t know what does this name means
After enter a name : ‘blabla’ for example, it works.

So I want to test the version 1.9.1. Maybe this problem doesn’t exists.

NB : This box did not appears whith the 1.9.0
But I need at least version 1.9.1 for the ‘SetLicense’ function

Could you send me the problem document? I will check this problem ASAP.Thanks.

Ok I forward you my document (still in french).

Hi, please re-download the latest hotfix and have a try.

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.9.4 is released!

Range.UnMerge method

1.CategoryAxis.TickLabelSpacing issue as described in

2. Formula issue as described in

3.Border setting issue as described in

4.IsColorInPalette issue as described in

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.9.5 is released!

* Added
1.Cells.FindString, Cells.FindNumber methods

2.Picture.Top, Picture.Bottom, Picture.Left, Picture.Right properties
used to set absolute position in a cell.

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.9.6 is released!

1. Cells.ImportObjectArray method

1. Import issue as described in

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.9.7 is released!

1. Cell.Formula can convert formula in designer file to string and return it.

2. Absolut reference support in Cell.Formula, please refer to

1.Comment not moved by InsertRow method issue as described in

2. Image distort issue as described in

It works now!
Thanx for quick fix!

Dear Customers,

Hotfix 1.9.8 is released!

1. Cell based protection issue as described in

2. Divide by zero error in AutoFitRow method if there are data in a hidden column

3. Lose format issue