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Number Grid ( Gridded Response Bubble Sheet)

it was the example.txt you included in the above post inside omrfiles zip file. I attached it here as well.omrfiles.zip (174.1 KB)
look for example.ext


We are checking it and will get back to you shortly.


It could be possible that you incorrectly specified the path to the logo. Here is the code that works.

var license = new License();

GlobalPageSettings settings = new GlobalPageSettings
 PaperSize = PaperSize.A4,
 Orientation = Orientation.Vertical,
 BubbleColor = Color.Black,
 BubbleSize = BubbleSize.Small,
 FontStyle = FontStyle.Regular,
 ImagesPaths = new string[] { @"C:\Users\User\Desktop\edmont\logo.png" },
 FontSize = 8,
 FontFamily = "Segoe UI",

var engine = new OmrEngine();
var result = engine.GenerateTemplate(@"C:\Users\User\Desktop\edmont\edmont.txt", settings);
result.Save(@"C:\Users\User\Desktop\edmont\", "edmont");

Yes it is working now. I would like to purchase licenses for my 10 developers. I would like to discuss with you what type of licenses we need. Would you please get your sales agent contact me or you have a number I can call? thanks


We have dedicated form category for sale related inquiries. Please create a post in our Purchase Forum where you will be assisted with all the required information.

With your sample source code “AsposeTestWithBarcode.txt” and test data “AsposeTestWithBarcode.jpg”, I am able to generate the result in csv. But the problem is the barcode value is missing in cvs. For my real example, I will put student number and school code in barcode so when teacher scans in the answer sheet, the system knows which student and which school.


image001.jpg (119 KB)

Can you please share which files are you talking about? Can you please share them along with your post as well? We will test the scenario in our environment and address it accordingly.

I downloaded it from your demo source code. I tested it in a console project in Visual Studio. I have attached all the files I used. you can also see the csv I generated. it doesn’t have the barcode value.
data for aspose.zip (115.3 KB)


We are checking it and will get back to you shortly.

I noticed your sample code only does OMR on answer sheet in image format. I have two questions regarding this:

  1. Is it possible to omr Pdf format? for example, my schools teacher scans the answer sheets into PDF. Ideally if we can work with pdf, that is great, otherwise we will have to convert it. not a big deal but nice to have.
  2. Is it possible to have multiple pages of answer sheet for each student when there are more questions? Numbered grid takes up more space than those ones with A,B,C,D in one line. currently examples only go to one page. Currently ours is one page, just in case in future we go to 2 pages,3 pages etc…


We need to perform an investigation for this requirement and a ticket as OMRNET-443 has been logged for the purpose. We will let you know as soon as it is resolved.

Do you mean that you have one OMR file and multiple sheets to process against it so that the results would be on more than one page? If so is the case, please check this post where a similar case has been in the discussion. In case your scenario is different, please share sample images, templates, and expected result format with us. We will investigate the feasibility and share our feedback with you.

I checked that post. No, that is not the case I am talking about. Remember the example you created for us. It currently has 10 questions, imagine I have 20 questions. then one page won’t be able to hold all of them. they will end up on second page. so when teacher hand out the answer sheet to student to respond, each student will receive two pages with some questions on the second page.


Thanks for explaining the requirement further. We have logged an investigation ticket as OMRNET-444 in our issue management system to analyze it. We will get back to you with a feedback as soon as the ticket is reviewed and resolved. Please give us some time.

any update on this one? I need to conclude my testing soon before I move on to purchase the licence. thanks


Sadly, the tickets have not been yet reviewed. We have recorded your concerns and will surely update you as soon as the tickets are closed. We appreciate your patience in this regard.

do you have an estimate when you can get back to me so I can present it to my management and then go ahead to purchase the license? It is my last check for POC. thanks


The barcode is damaged - so it is not recognized. Also problems with Barcodes can occur when they are placed close to Reference Points. image_2022_03_25T06_57_51_904Z.png (41.5 KB)

The feature was implemented in the API in 21.10 version. We have not added a new API for this. PDFs recognition works with the same method - RecognitionResult result = templateProcessor.RecognizeImage(imagePath);

You can use the multi-page template API. Description here - https://docs.aspose.com/omr/net/aspose-omr-for-net-21-9-release-notes/

I discovered that the barcode was close to the reference, then I moved it far away from reference. same problem. please send me your source code which can read in barcode and your csv file. I will try it out on my side. thanks


We will be sharing further information with you shortly.

actually now I realized the attached files I sent to you are not my example, it is sample files from your demo files from Github, which means it doesn’t have the reference overlapping problem. I am wondering it might be a bug in your new release. I really need to see a working barcode scenario to finalize my POC and I am ready to purchase licenses for my developers. thanks