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Problem of range delete- range extend by smart marker- pie chart property

pls see in attachment.

there’re comments in code. Module1.vb --> GenerateBank

'this will cause error, since the range contains a row and several cells. range can not be visited.
‘so we want you to product an API – DeleteRange(string name, ShiftType shift), but can do deleting all kind of ranges.

'TABLE1: at least one column has not use (shift) param, ranges extend their area.
‘TABLE2: three columns all use (shift) param, but range(CD_BTL_NAME_TEST) doesn’t extend area.

'pie chart has not keep the property of pie blocks auto filled up by different colors.


Thanks for the sample project.

I have tested your sample project with your template file. I found your first two issues.

1) "PROBLEM 1: ":
I can notice the exception: “NullReferenceException” by using your sample project with your template file. We need to investigate the issue in details. I have logged a ticket with an id “CELLSNET-41647” for your issue. We will look into your issue soon.

2) "PROBLEM 2: ":
I can notice the issue as you have mentioned by using your project with the template file. In the output TABLE2: when three columns all use (shift) parameters in Smart Markers, the range (CD_BTL_NAME_TEST) doesn’t extend its area accordingly. I have logged a ticket with an id “CELLSNET-41648” for your issue. We will look into your issue soon.

3) "PROBLEM 3: ":
Could you elaborate your issue more and give us screen shots to compare the original file with output to show the MS Excel’s attributes/options (that are changed a bit) you are talking about, we will check your issue soon.

Thank you.

1) the range contains a full row and two cells. i have tried if it is a full column will also raise error.

3) you can first have a look at the template file. the pie chart have different-color pie blocks. and then look at the generated file. the pie blocks are the same color.


Thanks for providing more details.

3) “PROBLEM 3:”:
I can notice the issue as you have mentioned. I have logged a separate ticket with an id “CELLSNET-41649” for your issue. Our concerned developer will look into it to figure it out soon.

Once we have any update on any of the issues, we will let you know here.

Thank you.


Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells.

Aspose.Cells does not support converting a Name that contains
several non contiguous area as a range now.
We will provide solution
with Name.GetRanges method

We will support this

This xls file must be created by MS Excel 2007 or
advanced version.
We do not support some advance records since Excel 2007 in
xls file. We could not support those records soon.
Could you please simply use xlsx
file as you are using MS Excel 2007?


Thanks for your posting and using Aspose.Cells for .NET.

We have fixed the issue.

Please download and try this fix: Aspose.Cells for .NET v7.4.3.2 and let us know your feedback.


For your issue “CELLSNET-41647”, please try the following temporary solution to delete a name
which contains several ranges.

Sample code:

Private Sub DeleteNamedRange(ByVal name As String, ByVal
shift As ShiftType)


Dim rs() As Range = Me.m_apcDesigner.Workbook.Worksheets.Names(name).GetRanges()

For i As Int32 = 0 To rs.Length - 1


Next (i)

For i As Int32 = 0 To rs.Length - 1

Dim r As Range = rs(i)

Dim f As FileFormatType = Me.m_apcDesigner.Workbook.FileFormat

If ((f = FileFormatType.Excel97To2003 AndAlso r.ColumnCount = XLS_MAX_COLUMN_COUNT) OrElse (f = FileFormatType.Xlsx AndAlso r.ColumnCount = XLSX_MAX_COLUMN_COUNT)) Then

Me.m_apcDesigner.Workbook.Worksheets(r.Worksheet.Index).Cells.DeleteRows(r.FirstRow, r.RowCount, False)

ElseIf ((f = FileFormatType.Excel97To2003 AndAlso r.RowCount = XLS_MAX_ROW_COUNT) OrElse (f = FileFormatType.Xlsx AndAlso r.RowCount = XLSX_MAX_ROW_COUNT)) Then

Me.m_apcDesigner.Workbook.Worksheets(r.Worksheet.Index).Cells.DeleteColumns(r.FirstColumn, r.ColumnCount, False)


Me.m_apcDesigner.Workbook.Worksheets(r.Worksheet.Index).Cells.DeleteRange(r.FirstRow, r.FirstColumn, r.RowCount + r.FirstRow - 1, r.ColumnCount + r.FirstColumn - 1, shift)

End If

Next (i)


End Sub

Thank you.

The issues you have found earlier (filed as CELLSNET-41648) have been fixed in this update.

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Please try our latest version Aspose.Cells 21.6.0.

If you find any issue, please provide the source Excel file to help us analyze it.